Helping Students With Food Insecurity: Meet Vincepreet Singh

As the CBU Students’ Union (CBUSU) Food Bank Coordinator, Vincepreet Singh welcomes everyone with kindness and loves to help students who may need a little support. Vincepreet is from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, in India, and is in his final year of the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM) program. 

“My role as the Food Bank Coordinator involves ensuring there is enough food, ready and available, for all CBU students,” says Vincepreet. “I arrange, sort and give out bags of food to anyone who seeks out the Food Bank’s services.” 

The CBUSU Food Bank is a non-profit organization that acquires and distributes food to CBU students and their families who are struggling with food insecurity. A study from University Affairs states that during the pandemic more than half of post secondary students have experienced food insecurity throughout their studies. 

The Food Bank Coordinator position interested Vincepreet because he wanted to work at CBU while helping students in need. “CBU has become my home since I have arrived in Canada,” says Vincepreet. “I felt this job would be a wonderful opportunity for me to contribute to the community.” 

As a closing message to his fellow students, Vincepreet wants to encourage students to visit or reach out to the Food Bank if they need anything at all. He doesn’t want students to hesitate or feel any shame for making use of this important service. “I think the Food Bank is a great service provided by the Union,” says Vincepreet. “I hope the Food Bank continues to grow and help all students who may need the service during their time at CBU!” 

You can find the Food Bank on social media on both Instagram and Facebook @cbusu_foodbank, and you can learn more about the Food Bank by visiting the website here. If you’d like to connect with Vincepreet directly or have any questions about the Food Bank, please email