Finding Your Path at CBU – Meet Juveriya Samreen

Breaking the news to your parents that you will be moving to the other side of the world in pursuit of a higher education is not easy, but, this is exactly what former CBU student Juveriya Samreen did when taking a chance on the Cape Breton University. Juveriya moved from Hyderabad, India, to pursue the Diploma in Government Management program.

Before arriving in Cape Breton, Juveriya already had an extensive background and initially intended to study Public Administration. “While home in India, I completed my Bachelor degree in a diverse range of subjects including Public Administration, Economics and History,” Juveriya says. “When I started at CBU I initially pursued Public Administration, however, when I had the opportunity to switch to Government Management, I excitedly went for it.”

The program ended up being everything Juveriya had hoped for. “I gained extensive knowledge in Canadian Public Administration, Government and Administrative Law, the Canadian Public Sector, alongside Financial Management and Personnel Administration within Canadian governments,” she explains. “This program is truly remarkable for its significant relevance in today’s world. The professors’ teaching methods were highly engaging, thought-provoking, and provided a deeper understanding of concepts that are crucial for comprehending policies, laws, history, and society.”

Outside of the classroom, Juveriya was heavily involved in many student-oriented roles on campus during her time at CBU. She was elected as the Student Representative for the School of Arts and Social Sciences, was appointed the SRC representative for the Caper Times Publishing Board and was elected as the Chairperson of the Student Representative Council, just a few of the many hats she wore at CBU. “These small yet significant efforts to help my fellow students truly motivated me,” says Juveriya. “By being so involved while at CBU, I found great joy in working with and serving my fellow students, while contributing constructively to the community.”

It didn’t take long for Cape Breton to capture Juveriya’s heart. She recalls the first thing that caught her attention was the abundance of friendly faces that gave her an instant sense of community and connection with those around her. Outside of the people, Juveriya was struck by the Island’s natural beauty, from the stunning sunsets to the vast hiking trails and diverse wildlife. 

If any student pursuing a post-secondary education is considering the Diploma in Government Management program, Juveriya says it’s an opportunity you’d be wise not to miss out on. “If you feel that the program resonates with your interests and aligns with your career goals, I highly recommend pursuing it,” she explains. “One of the major advantages is the opportunity to interact with other like-minded students, distinguished faculty members, the dean, and guest lecturers, who can all assist you in forming meaningful connections that will prove beneficial for your career in the long run.”

Here at CBU, we are proud to have the opportunity to share the experiences of our students. For Juveriya, she took a chance moving from India to Canada while also completely changing the course of her education. Thankfully, this experience, while being actively involved in the community on and off campus, certainly paid off. Though her time at CBU has come to an end, we know Juveriya’s future is bright. 

Juveriya’s story is wholly unique. Moving from India to Canada, completely changing university programs and being actively involved in the community, on and off campus. Though her time with CBU may have come to an end, the future is surely bright for someone so outgoing and passionate.