Dr. Sylvia Burrow Challenges Gender Violence in Five-Year Research Project

Dr. Sylvia Burrow will undertake vital research over the next five years to support positive outcomes for persons belonging to groups targeted by gender violence, with an investment of nearly $100,000 from the Government of Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Dr. Burrow is an Associate Professor in CBU’s Department of Humanities, with a research focus on gender violence and autonomy that is internationally recognized.

“The Gender Violence and Autonomy project will underline the importance of discovering and addressing challenges impeding a flourishing life for members of groups experiencing routine threat of harm,” says Dr. Burrow.

Dr. Burrow adds that she is grateful to receive this funding as she works toward the overall goal of insisting on a response to the unrelenting injustice of gender violence. “Despite increasing legislation and policies, this injustice continues to inflict harms and losses,” she explains, “especially to those who already suffer marginalization and exclusion on the basis of gender and sexuality.”

Through training and mentoring of both graduate and undergraduate students, Dr. Burrow’s research will result in a new philosophical book on gender violence, scholarly journal articles and academic conference presentations. The project team will also host a workshop at CBU on gender violence, allowing scholars from the wider academic community to exchange and develop new ideas. Finally, Dr. Burrow’s team will create a project website as a legacy endeavour including a forum to collect and openly disseminate resources on gender violence and autonomy for both academic and public audiences.

Dr. Tanya Brann-Barrett, Associate Vice-President, Academic and Research, says Dr. Burrow’s work is fundamental to CBU’s contributions to the health of the community. “CBU is proud to see Dr. Burrow’s research embarking on difficult conversations to improve the outcomes for victims of gender violence in our local communities,” says Dr. Brann-Barrett. “The results will offer incredible value on a national and global level.”

The Gender Violence and Autonomy project is part of Dr. Burrow’s larger research goals addressing integrity and autonomy. Dr. Burrow’s previously published research is internationally represented, appearing in journals and books on topics such as autonomy in academics, reproduction, sport and in the context of violence against women.

Congratulations, Dr. Burrow, on receiving this national funding award!