Dr. Felix Odartey-Wellington Awarded the 2018 Cape Breton University Instructional Leadership Award

On Saturday, May 11, Dr. Felix Odartey-Wellington was awarded the Cape Breton University Instructional Leadership Award at the 2018 President’s Dinner. Dr. Odartey-Wellington, who has been at CBU for nearly nine years, says the greatest achievement of any teacher is to be honoured by their own peers and students.
“As someone who did not initially find myself inclined to teaching, the award is proof that CBU has a strong culture of teaching excellence. I have been nurtured by my colleagues and enabled by the environment here at CBU to succeed and be considered worthy of this award,” says Dr. Odartey-Wellington.
The CBU Instructional Leadership Award is presented to someone who makes important contributions to the University, something that Dr. Odartey-Wellington has certainly accomplished during his time here. His PhD specialization in Communications Policy and Regulation allowed him to create a new course in that area, along with courses such as Political Communication, Corporate Communication, Communication and Social Justice and more. His additions to CBU’s Communication program have helped it grow into a comprehensive degree that offers students diverse learning experiences.
“For me, every student is a potential change agent, and communication is what makes change happen. There is so much happening in the field of communication today especially in the area of digital media, and our students have front row seats not just to watch how things unfold but also to engage as active participants,” says Dr. Odartey-Wellington. He is a firm believer that research and teaching are more fun when they support each other, so he is an active researcher, often gaining epiphanies from his students in class.
Aside from sharing his wealth of knowledge about the field of Communication, Dr. Odartey-Wellington encourages his students to follow their passions and not allow fear to stop them from taking risks in applying academic concepts in their analysis.
Dr. Odartey-Wellington is extremely humble in accepting his award, though his hard work and dedication to CBU have made him a well-deserving recipient. “Although it is my name that is on the award, it belongs to all of the awesome faculty that CBU possesses, and the great work that they do,” says Dr. Odartey-Wellington.
Congratulations Dr. Odartey-Wellington! We’re so glad to have dedicated faculty members like you.