Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid Wins Gold Roof Award

Cape Breton University Professor Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid has been awarded the Gold Roof Award for Housing Research Excellence. The award, presented by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, recognizes researchers whose work supports the National Housing Strategy (NHS) vision that all Canadians should have access to affordable housing that meets their needs.
Dr. Leviten-Reid’s research began in 2015 and has contributed in many ways to understanding challenges and opportunities in affordable housing locally. The $10,000 received from the award will be used to create a guide on conducting similar research across the country. Dr. Leviten-Reid and her team, including CBU Aluma Bridget Horel, will be holding four workshops in communities of similar size and socio-economic context to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).
Dr. Leviten-Reid says this award wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her talented research assistants, CBRM’s Planning and Development Department and the Affordable Housing and Homelessness Working Group.
“Colleagues of mine have described community-based research as a meeting of the minds and heart,” says Dr. Leviten-Reid, “I think that perfectly sums up the work we do together.”