Diversifying Your Skill Set with CBU, Meet Sourabh Dahiya

Despite an already well-established and robust background in engineering, Sourabh Dahiya decided to venture off to a new corner of the world and take a chance on CBU. Driven by his commitment to continuous learning, Sourabh is now a second-year student in his Post Baccalaureate in Supply Chain Management, with the goal of graduating in May, 2024.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from South Point Institute of Technology and Management in Sonipat, India, Sourabh spent a year honing his skills through hands-on experience in the industry. However, Sourabh’s ambition only continued to grow, which sent him on this new journey at CBU to diversify his already versatile skill set. 

Sourabh knew the next direction for him was to study supply chain management abroad. After plenty of research to find the right fit for him, he eventually stumbled upon Cape Breton University, which offered a two-year post-baccalaureate program in Supply Chain Management. It wasn’t just the condensed two-year program that caught Sourabh’s eye, what really did the trick for him was the idea of living life on Cape Breton Island, which had some of the most beautiful scenery he had ever seen. 

Being an international student naturally comes with some anxieties. A new home, a new school, new norms and so much more. But, Sourabh’s arrival to CBU caught him by surprise in an unforgettable way. “As an international student, I didn’t anticipate the warm welcome I received in a place with its own distinct culture and language,” says Sourabh. “The most cherished aspect of my arrival at CBU was the sense of belonging fostered by the welcoming community. Surrounded by supportive people and forging connections over time, I never felt homesick.” 

For Sourabh, the good times kept on coming, as the campus lifestyle captured his heart. “The energetic and lively vibe on campus will always be my favorite part of being at CBU,” he says “The constant buzz of student activities and the vibrant atmosphere has made my time here memorable.” Further to this, the diverse campus always offered him new opportunities to experience various traditions and foods from around the world. “Connecting with students from diverse backgrounds added a special and enriching touch to my university experience,” he adds.

Not only did Sourabh find enjoyment in the endless festivities around campus, but also in the many opportunities for employment and professional growth. “The distinctive highlight of my journey was the experience of working at the Jennifer Keeping Centre in dual roles as a student administrator and peer mentor,” says Sourabh. “The collaborative and positive atmosphere at the Centre made my time there not just professionally fulfilling but also personally enriching.”

Following his time with CBU, Sourabh’s aspirations for the future are driven by his passion for making a meaningful impact in his field of study. “I aim to leverage the knowledge and skills gained during my post-baccalaureate diploma to contribute effectively to the industry,” he says. “I aspire to play a role in creating positive change.”

Even though Sourabh’s time with CBU is almost complete, he intends to leave his mark on the supply chain industry and plans to pursue further opportunities for growth in the future. “I look forward to continuous growth and learning, possibly pursuing advanced certifications or additional educational opportunities to stay abreast of industry trends,” Sourabh says. “Building on the diverse experiences gained at CBU, my goal is to contribute meaningfully to my chosen field while embracing new challenges and opportunities that come my way.”

Though there are only mere months left in Sourabh’s journey at CBU, there’s no doubt that this will mark only the beginning of an exciting, long and prosperous journey.