Celebrating Diversity, Strength and Perseverance: Meet Tyrone MacInnis

Each year, February marks the beginning of African Heritage Month in Canada. Cape Breton University is proud to recognize and celebrate this important period to reflect on the significance of diversity and cultural awareness.

The 2023 African Heritage Month theme is “Seas of struggle – African Peoples from Shore to Shore.” The theme explores the struggles people of African Descent faced, from the shores of Africa to the shores of Nova Scotia, recognizing the one thing that has remained constant in their history – the Atlantic Ocean. This month, and always, we are proud to highlight the success of African Nova Scotian students on our campus, like Tyrone MacInnis.

Born and raised in Glace Bay, Tyrone is a second year African Nova Scotian student in CBU’s Advanced Standing Nursing program. “CBU offers a unique opportunity as class sizes are generally smaller, leading to a more intimate classroom setting and enhanced learning experience,” says Tyrone.

Tyrone is excited for African Heritage Month, and says he uses it as a time for reflection and learning. “During African Heritage Month, I get to spend time educating myself more on the history of our people,” he shares. It’s the strength and perseverance of those who have come before him that make Tyrone most proud to be African Nova Scotian. “The diversity and richness of our culture is like no other.”

Tyrone recently attended the annual African Heritage Month Gala, and looks forward to continuing to support and promote Black-owned businesses throughout Nova Scotia. “The visibility of our people during African Heritage Month is an incredible celebration,” says Tyrone.

On behalf of Cape Breton University, we look forward to celebrating African Heritage Month and continuing to support and encourage diversity and inclusion on our campus and in our community.

To learn more about African Heritage Month and events happening at CBU, visit cbu.ca/africanheritagemonth.