CBU BHTM Students Sweep into Action

Left to right: Meenu Verma and Parneet Kaur

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management students taking the Meetings, Conventions and Event Management course this semester are volunteering with the 2024 World Women’s Curling Championship from March 16-24 at Centre 200. As part of their experiential learning, students are volunteering in a variety of roles including ambassadors, bartenders and bussers.

“We are excited to have our Hospitality and Tourism Management students representing the CBU community by volunteering at the upcoming 2024 Women’s World Championship in Sydney,” says Jennifer Currie, Instructor of Hospitality and Tourism Management. “This opportunity provides our students with additional hands-on experience in organizing large-scale, high-quality events, along with the chance to enjoy a fast-paced, major tourism event.”

Earlier this year, Curling Canada Event Manager, Maddie Kelly, worked with Jennifer to facilitate a member of the Curling Canada event team joining the CBU class virtually to speak to students about the opportunity and what it means to take part. From that moment on, the students were buzzing with excitement for the upcoming event.

CBU student Xingyu Zhang, known by most as Chloe, says she is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to volunteer at this event. Chloe has always found ice sports to have a unique charm when compared to other sports and says she looks forward to being given the opportunity to make the experience the best it can be for everyone involved, spectators and athletes alike.

“Through this volunteer opportunity, we will be able to get a closer look at the excitement of curling, the high-level athletes who play it and their sportsmanship during the tournament,” says Chloe. “We hope to provide the best possible assistance we can during the event so that spectators from different countries will have a very comfortable and memorable experience, with them walking away enthusiastic about Cape Breton Island and Sydney.”

For more details or to get your tickets for the event please visit the official Curling Canada website.