CBU Awards Dr. Stewart McCann the 2018 President’s Award for Excellence in Research

On Saturday, May 11, Dr. Stewart McCann was awarded the President’s Award for Excellence in Research at the 2018 President’s Dinner. This prestigious award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in both research and scholarship fields at Cape Breton University.
Dr. McCann, a Professor of Psychology who began his career at CBU in 1985, has devoted his research to areas such as educational issues, the precocity-longevity hypothesis and most recently, examining state-level averages of residents on the Big Five personality dimensions to other variables across the United States.
“I am highly honoured to have received the President’s Award for Excellence in Research and the added recognition that it brings to the research efforts of CBU and to the Department of Psychology,” says Dr. McCann.
In his courses, three of Dr. McCann’s objectives are to promote an appreciation of the scientific nature of psychology, to encourage critical thinking and to enhance ability to be an analytical and cautious consumer of scientific or research-based information.
In addition to his outstanding leadership in research, Dr. McCann is known for his consistent support and mentorship of his students. When asked about the words of encouragement he passes along to students, Dr. McCann had many insights, but one stood out, he says,  “Persevere in your ambitions and do not succumb to any challenges and obstacles without a very strong fight.” It is Dr. McCann’s own perseverance and determination over the years that have resulted in his well deserved award.
Congratulations Dr. McCann! We are so proud of your contributions to the field of research, and your dedication to your students!