Building Lifelong Friends and a Career in Nursing: Meet Eloise Allen-Barron

From late-night texts and FaceTime calls with classmates to hands-on clinical experience in her field, Eloise Allen-Barron has had a wide-ranging experience as a student at Cape Breton University. This Spring, she will graduate from the Bachelor of Science, Nursing – a degree she richly deserves.

Originally from Halifax, Eloise decided to study at CBU because she had heard good reviews about the nursing program, with small class sizes and beautiful communities surrounding the University also playing a role in her decision. During her time at CBU, Eloise has been able to make some great connections and is grateful for that. “What I enjoyed most about the program is the caring and compassionate individuals I was able to make lifelong relationships with,” she says.

At first, the COVID-19 pandemic played spoilsport as Eloise had to take virtual classes during her first term at CBU. She couldn’t meet her classmates in person and had to connect with them via Microsoft Teams at the time. When restrictions began to loosen, Eloise was finally able to meet the friends she had made online and she says that stands out as a special memory. “We all walked into the Glace Bay hospital for our first day of clinical and finally got to put real people’s faces to the internet friends we had been making for the three months before,” Eloise reminisces. “After this moment, our class became inseparable with incredible teamwork and respect.”

A professor who made a strong impact on Eloise’s experience at CBU was Sue Venter, her first clinical instructor. “I can think back to that time at how overwhelming and scary everything was,” Eloise shares. “Throughout the program, Sue continued to work with our cohort. She believed in us and supported us throughout. She not only taught us the curriculum required, but also to care for ourselves and our patients. I am extremely grateful to have her as a mentor as I enter this profession.”

Eloise is now back in Halifax and working on a thoracic surgery floor. She says her time at CBU helps her in her current role and will continue to do so in the future. “Throughout my time at CBU, I was enrolled in an incredible amount of hands-on clinical experience where I was able to put knowledge and skills learned in the classroom into the real world and real experiences,” she says.

Eloise’s advice to future CBU students is to be themselves and believe in their abilities. “You will meet so many amazing people and friends. Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” she says. “Once you have your people, they make the biggest difference in you finishing the program. There will be hard times but having the support of yourself and others will get you through it.”

Eloise says the biggest support system during her time at CBU were her classmates and family and she will miss the amazing people she met at the University. Eloise adds that graduating with a degree is a huge accomplishment and everyone should be proud of what they are about to achieve.

Congratulations to Eloise and the entire Spring 2023 graduating class!