Back and Ready to Compete: Meet Rebecca Lambke

After a long time apart during the pandemic, Rebecca Lambke says when she saw her teammates again it was as if nothing had changed. She put on her #6 jersey for the CBU Capers Women’s Soccer team and took the field without missing a beat. Originally from Antigonish, Rebecca is in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Science program at CBU and says this season the Capers are ready to fight for the AUS title once again. 

Rebecca was first introduced to CBU when her neighbour connected her with Head Coach, Ness Timmons. “After talking with Coach Ness, I came to visit CBU to see the school and residence buildings and I stayed on campus with the girls from the team,” Rebecca explains. “They were all so close and made me feel very welcome, so I knew I would enjoy the team culture.” She now dominates the field as a midfielder and fullback for the Capers, who have kicked off the season with a winning streak. 

Over the past few years, Rebecca says she has only grown closer with her teammates. “Playing for the Capers has been incredible, and I have been fortunate enough to experience winning the AUS championship twice with my closest friends,” she says. “Not many people can say they’ve done that in their university career and I couldn’t be more proud of my teammates and myself.” 

Rebecca says each one of her teammates, past and present, has had a significant impact on her success as a student-athlete. “They are all incredible women who I admire for their talent and hard work,” she says. “We all know how to bring one another up in tough situations, and without them I know I wouldn’t have the same success.” 

Looking ahead to AUS Championships this November, Rebecca says she is excited to face off against the tough competition with the support of the best fans in the league. “It’s such an amazing experience and you can see the determination from every team,” Rebecca shares. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to compete with fans in the stands and I can’t wait to see all of you cheering us on this fall!” 

Join us on November 4-7 to cheer on Rebecca and the Capers as they fight to take home another AUS title!