Healthcare Awards of Distinction

About the Healthcare Awards of Distinction

Cape Breton University is committed to championing the Island’s prosperity, prioritizing strategic initiatives in areas such as health. This award is one way for CBU to participate more fully in developing healthcare solutions for the Province of Nova Scotia and to recognize and thank the many members of our great community who give so freely of themselves to better the lives of others.

The purpose of this award is to recognize the commitment and contributions of individuals in the medical community and honour their dedication and achievements in the field of healthcare. It is the goal of Cape Breton University to ensure these individuals know they are seen and appreciated.

The awards are presented annually in June at a special reception held at Cape Breton University. This year’s awards will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

Who is eligible?

The recipients of the award can be anyone involved in the healthcare sector in some capacity including, but not limited to, physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, administrators and volunteers.

We know there are many people in various roles who collaborate and contribute to healthcare in our community. They are all deserving, and so it is important they are all eligible to be nominated?

How do I submit a nomination?

Nominations for the 2024 awards are now closed. We thank you for your submissions.

Nominations require:

  • The contact information of the nominator
  • The contact information of the nominee
  • A selection of which category you would like to nominate your nominee for
  • A letter of nomination from the nominator
  • Two supporting letters of nomination from others

What are the award categories?

There are five award categories for the Healthcare Awards of Distinction.

Builder: Contributes to healthcare system improvements. Does not have to be a healthcare provider.

Rural Engagement: Healthcare professionals who enhance the quality of life in rural communities.

Innovation: Develops methods of service provision or processes that change the way healthcare is offered in a positive way.

Champion: Advocates for positive change within the healthcare system.

Leadership: Occupies a leadership position/takes a leadership role and effects positive change within the system, or has created a positive culture within their area of responsibility.