JKC Opportunities for Employers

Apply to be an Employer for the JKC Employment Project!

The Jennifer Keeping Centre (JKC) at CBU provides a range of services to support students with disabilities, including employment support since people with disabilities experience a much higher rate of unemployment than those without disabilities. The JKC has received a grant from the province of Nova Scotia to assist students with disabilities in gaining employment. Students in the program work closely with CBU’s Employment Specialist to ready them for the workplace and prepare them for success. This is an exciting opportunity for your business to partner with the JKC to provide a student with the valuable experience needed to help secure employment after graduation.

We are a participant focused program, dedicated to providing inclusive hiring through a provincial grant subsidy to employers in Cape Breton. 

Through the program we provide:

  • Training and mentoring for participants
  • Advice and monitoring throughout the program to ensure participants and employers are receiving the best possible experience

Employer Requirements

Summer Full Time Placements:

  • Provide 12 weeks of employment at 35 hours/week, beginning no earlier than May 1 and no later than August 31;

Fall and Winter Part-Time Placements:

  • Provide 34 weeks of employment at 10 hours/week, beginning no earlier than September 1 and no later than April 30;
Employers Apply Here

Participant Requirements

  • Employers will take part in on-site and/or virtual check-ins and provide written feedback on the student(s) working for them.  

Students can apply to the Employment Project here.

If you need help or have any questions, please email jkc_employment@cbu.ca or call (902) 567-3699.