Online Shopping for University [2min read]

As a high school student applying to university, the entire process was quite different this year. Instead of being able to see campus and meet recruiters in person, it all took place online. There were no visits to CBU, no hanging out at the cafeteria or the campus Tim Hortons, and no scoping out the bookstore, which is what I was looking forward to the most. Though I couldn’t see it all in person, everything I needed to know about CBU is online, including a virtual tour! There were also many events held on Zoom where I was able to speak with recruiters and staff about CBU.

Choosing a university this year felt like online shopping to me. I was only able to see so much from websites or hear about experiences from friends. It was like when you order something and don’t get to try it on. This made me nervous because university is much more than a t-shirt from American Eagle. When I applied for university, it felt like I was signing up for something rather than making the big life decision of “what’s next?”. Thankfully, CBU put all of their information out there and made my decision feel important.

In search of my university, all of the resources that CBU has online and on their social media really helped me make my decision. There is an awesome and dedicated part of their website just for future students. The digital viewbook told me everything I needed to know and if I had a question, all I had to do was ask a recruiter. No other university got as involved and ready to help me as much as CBU did.

It’s hard to decide which university to go to based solely by browsing online, but it was easier after being able to talk to CBU staff and learn more about the university. All it took was an email (emails really aren’t as scary as they seem). I always got a response that was helpful and it wasn’t difficult to talk to a recruiter on Zoom or over the phone.

Becoming a brand ambassador opened my eyes to all the things CBU offers. As I was helping others find out more about CBU, I was learning just as much at the same time. Getting to be a part of CBU gave me opportunities to really get to know the staff while seeing and participating in what they do for students, which is a lot.

As good as online shopping for university went, I hope I will be able to take some classes on campus and meet some of the people I’ve met on Zoom in person. Zoom calls can be great, but there is such thing as ‘Zoom burnout’. However, even if our classes are held online again, I am sure CBU will find a way to make it fun with virtual events and I know they will always be there to answer any of my questions.

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Written By: Alyssa Burke

Alyssa Burke is a CBU Brand Ambassador and a grade 12 student at Riverview High School. Alyssa will begin her studies at CBU in the fall, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.