Leading a Diverse Student Body [1min Read]

I came from India and entered the Nursing program at Cape Breton University about three years ago. I would never have thought back then that going into my last year of studies at CBU, I would officially be the CBU Students’ Union President for the 2018-2019 academic year.
Gunny CBUSUI decided to run for the position of CBUSU President because I have always been a very involved student here. Working as a Peer Success Coach, a Student Ambassador and a Residence Director, I wanted to add another accomplishment to my list during my final year at the university.

Throughout my degree, I have developed relationships with faculty and students that have shaped who I am today. These relationships gave me the support I needed to run for Student Union office.
During the campaign, I used posters, flyers, buttons and business cards to get my message to people about why I was running. My biggest goal was to let people know that I wanted to make student life even better on campus. With a diverse campaign team made up of 15 people helping me, I was officially elected as the CBUSU President in February of 2018.

I was happy to hear that the Vice President position for the Union would be held by Nagy who is also an international student. The fact that both the elected executive positions are held by international students shows how diverse CBU’s student population has become.

Although this is just another chapter in my CBU story, I can not wait to complete my degree at CBU and truly make a difference for the university that has already done so much for me.

Gunny Brar, Bachelor of Science, Nursing and CBUSU 2018-2019 & 2019-2012 President