Tom Urbaniak

Professor of Political Science, Director of the Tompkins Institute

Dr. Tom Urbaniak, Professor of Political Science, is Director of CBU’s Tompkins Institute and University Parliamentarian (advisor on procedures for meetings and deliberations). Tom is the author of five books and numerous studies and articles. He is a recognized expert on Canadian and municipal politics. He has headed several national and local non-profit organizations, and provides positive, energetic leadership to the Polish community of Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. He is respected for his innovative, inclusive approach to community development, working in a multicultural and inter-faith context. Tom is an Administrative Justice of the Peace for the Province of Nova Scotia, a frequent media analyst on public policy (in English, French, and Polish), and prepares well-received educational radio segments that make academic research on leadership accessible to a broad public. Tom served on the Canadian Election Observation Mission in Ukraine. He is the Vice Chair of the CBU Senate.


Canadian Politics, Public Policy, Economic Development, Municipal Politics, Polonia (Polish communities outside Poland)