Edward (Ted) Matheson

Assistant Professor, Geology

Ted Matheson earned his BSc and MSc at Queen’s University under Drs. Noel James and Bob Dalrymple and his PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Dr. Tracy Frank. He returned to Queen’s to work with Dr. Peir Pufahl as an NSERC and then a Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow. Ted has also worked for Shell Canada, Imperial Oil, and the Ontario Geological Survey on oil and gas exploration, geohazard assessment, and groundwater quality projects. His past research includes reconstructing paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic conditions from Paleozoic deposits in the Appalachians, Canadian Rockies, and Bighorn Basin as well as work on the deposition and diagenesis of a variety of chemical sediments including the Prairie Evaporite potash of Saskatchewan. His current research focuses on the sedimentologic record of increasing early Paleozoic oceanic oxygen concentrations and their relation to the evolution of multicellular life. To learn more, please visit www.sites.google.com/site/edwardmathesongeologist