Stephanie MacQuarrie

Associate Dean of Science and Technology and Associate Professor of Chemistry

Stephanie MacQuarrie has been at CBU since 2009 and is an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Associate Dean of the School of Science and Technology. She obtained her BSc from Mount Allison University in 1996. She continued to pursue chemistry in graduate school at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where she earned her PhD in organic chemistry in 2005. In 2005 she accepted a post-doctoral position in Dr. Crudden�s group at Queen�s University. Stephanie�s research includes finding high valuable applications for waste products, reducing the total carbon footprint of advanced materials and the development of functional materials for electronics, catalysis and absorption. Stephanie�s research group is largely undergraduate students; however, she often has a few young women from high school working in her lab in the summers as well. Her program is funded through NSERC DG (now in her 9/ 13 years funded) as well as many industry partnerships.


Biochar, Materials Chemistry, Biomass Conversion, Isolation of High Value Products from Biomass, Catalysis, Functional Materials.