Sheila Christie

Associate Professor

Sheila Christie studies how people develop their identities through literature and theatre, on a personal level or in larger community contexts. From medieval drama to fan fiction, she explores how people repurpose stories for their own ends. As an Applied Theatre practitioner, Sheila helps people use theatre to tell their stories and foster connections within their communities. Women’s experiences, queer perspectives, indigenous reconciliation and climate change are priorities in her current work. Along with directing and stage managing for local theatres, Sheila leads applied theatre workshops and helps develop original productions that use theatre to promote social change. These productions include Voices for Change: A Theatrical Call to Action to End Violence against Women, Gender Change Room (plays about transgender youth), Neighbours (a play about social trust in the CBRM), and Kun’tewiktuk (a play about the King’s Road reservation).


Medieval drama, literature, and culture, archival research; dramatic literature; fan fiction; applied theatre, theatre for social change, stage management, stage craft, directing