Shannon School of Business

Peter Kerr

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Dr. Kerr is a former senior executive with twenty-five years of strategic planning and marketing experience. Dr. Kerr holds an MBA from Western, and a Ph.D. from Cranfield University in Bedford, England, where he is currently a Visiting Fellow. His research focuses on salesforce behavior, capability and performance. Recent articles include: Peesker, K.M., Kerr, P.D, Bolander, W., Ryals, L. and Dover, H. (2022); “Hiring for sales success: the emerging importance of salesperson analytical skills”; Journal of Business Research, 144, 17-30; Kerr P.D. and Marcos-Cuevas, J. (2022), “The interplay between subjective and objective measures of salesperson performance: towards an integrated approach”; Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management; 42:3, 225-242; Kerr, P.D. and Marcos-Cuevas, J.; “Reclaiming the contingent nature of the determinants of salesperson performance: An extended meta-analysis”; Journal Personal Selling & Sales Management (forthcoming).


Marketing, Sales Management, Performance Measurement