Melissa McDonald

Program Coordinator and Instructor

Melissa McDonald (Health Sciences) graduated in the first class of the Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Health) program at University College of Cape Breton in 1998, then a Masters of Public Health (Lakehead University) in 2012. Later that year, she proudly achieved the Certified Public Health Inspector credential. As an Inspector Specialist with NS Environment and NS Environment and Labour, her work focused on contaminated sites, waste management, water quality and on-site sewage disposal. As a Food Safety Specialist with NS Agriculture, her work focused on ensuring food safety within eating establishments, other public facilities and education. In 2007, Melissa returned to Cape Breton University, to teach in the public health program. Over the years, Melissa has enjoyed serving on several local, provincial, and national boards. Today, she is currently a Board Member of the Cape Breton East Community Health Board and the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada.