School of Science and Technology

Matthias Bierenstiel

Professor, Chemistry

After joining CBU in 2006, Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel has shown passion for teaching and research being awarded a 2016 Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) Teaching Award and the 2015 CBU Instructional Leadership Award. Teaching courses at all levels, he connects chemistry topics to everyday lives and provides interdisciplinary aspects of chemistry and business or history. He recently published a new teaching method of the Periodic Table of the Elements in the prestigious Journal of Chemistry Education. Dr. Bierenstiel has established a fundamental and applied research program that has received to date over $4.8 million in external funding from agencies across Canada. Maskwiomin (birch bark-oil) is a major interdisciplinary project co-lead by Tuma Young and members of Membertou First Nation of Sydney using a 2-eyed seeing process. Maskwiomin is a traditional L�nu skin ointment that has excellent medicinal properties against several skin conditions.


Chemistry, natural products, applied chemistry, health medicine, industrial processes, bio-products