Shannon School of Business

Mary Beth Doucette

Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies, Assistant Professor

Mary Beth Doucette is Assistant Professor and Purdy Crawford Chair in CBU�s Shannon School of Business (Sydney, NS). She is also Membertou band member and a doctoral student in management at St. Mary�s University (Halifax, NS). She has a B.Eng in industrial engineering from Dalhousie and an MBA in Community Economic Development from CBU. With a focus on interactions between Mi�kmaw and Canadians, Doucette researches how people in organizations use policies and procedures to share knowledge in culturally informed ways. One tangible result of Doucette�s research is a co-edited book (2016, with K. G. Brown and J. E. Tulk), Indigenous Business in Canada: Principles and Practices. The book demonstrates the unequivocal effect that history and policy have on business education as it relates to Aboriginal business and communities. Doucette is currently working on a research project (A SHARED Future) that is rooted in the desire for reconciliation between groups and with the environment.


Decolonization, reconciliation, business education, two-eyed seeing, Etuaptmumk