School of Science and Technology

Martin Mkandawire

Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Martin Mkandawire is a Solid-State Chemist and Chemistry Professor in the School of Science and Technology. He is Chair of the CBU Senate and was the Industrial Research Chair in Mine Water Management. A Habilitation holder with venia legendi and Doctorate Degree, his research activities focused on mine water remediation techniques and smart technologies. His research combines basic and applied methods using combinations of theoretical/computational, lab experiments and field investigations. Prior to joining CBU in 2012, he was Associate Professor at Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany for almost 20 years. He serves on several editorial boards including as an editor of two journals and is often called on expert panels of international scientists for research foundations in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has over a hundred contributions to peer-reviewed journals and authored three books including a poetry anthology. A fourth book on Fate and Effects of Uranium in Abandoned Mines is soon to be released.


My research activities have been around mine water remediation and management with a goal to develop cost-effective strategies; and my research interests are, intra alia, in biophotonics and photochemistry of bio-compounds, development of devices with improved energetics using bio-inspire designs and bio-mimicked processes like improving energy conversion efficiency using bio-inspired design and architecture of devices in organic solar cell