Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Sociology

Kate Krug is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of L’nu, Political, and Social Studies at CBU. Kate practices Interpretive Political Sociology with a particular focus on genders, identities, sexualities, Queer theory, and critical pedagogy. Kate’s course development and classroom practices are informed by a critical pedagogy that she calls a ‘pedagogy of play’. For Kate, teaching is a performative, political, and transformative act that can provide the foundation for equity and social justice. Co-author, with Jeanette Auger, of Under the Rainbow: A Primer on Queer Studies in Canada (Fernwood, 2013), Kate’s is current research project is an autoethnographic adventure with the working title of ‘The Stone Prince Project: Reflections of a Renaissance Butch’. This project looks at the practices and processes of female masculinity, the implications of toxic masculinity, and the operations of fluid identities.


Sociology of Education, Sociological Theory, Queer Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Sociology of the Family