Dennis York

Instructor, ICA

Dennis York teaches evaluation of e-learning design in the School of Education and Health. He has extensive experience in the design and evaluation of online and blended programs in postsecondary education. He studies and supports learning engineering practices for creating significant learning experiences that enable students to become active participants in their their learning through collaborative inquiry and reflection. His research explores the benefits of educational technology and the pedagogy of authentic activity to better understand individual-environment interaction to support cognitive engagement and promote critical thinking. Previous research projects include the evaluation of blended learning programs and investigations of the impact of educational technologies (i.e., video streaming, learning management systems, lecture capture, and blogging) on student experiences. Dennis holds an M.Sc. in Continuing Education (University of West Alabama) and a Ph.D. in Education (York University).


Evaluation of blended and online programs, learning engineering, engagement strategies and community building in digital learning environments, and the role of social media in facilitating online teaching and learning in postsecondary education.