Denise Forgeron

Senior Lab Instructor

Denise Forgeron is a Senior Biology Laboratory Instructor who teaches about cells, tissues, and organisms in Introductory Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Genetics, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology labs in the School of Science and Technology at Cape Breton University. Denise earned a B.Sc at Saint Francis Xavier University, a B.Ed (Science) at Saint Mary�s University, a BA (Psychology) at UCCB (now CBU) and a M.Ed at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Denise is passionate about Biology and is a member of ABLE (The Association of Biology Laboratory Educators). Denise shares her enthusiasm with her students and colleagues in the Department of Biology and is proud of their accomplishments. Denise is honoured to be CBU�s representative for the United Way of Cape Breton, and to be the Chair of the Biology Awards Committee which spearheaded The Wendy MacKenzie Biology Prize which is awarded in May to the fourth year Bachelor of Science graduate with the highest aggregate in Biology Courses.