Bernard Farenkia

Professor, French and Linguistics

Dr. Bernard Mulo Farenkia is a French and Linguistics Professor at CBU. He holds a Bachelor�s in German Studies and Translation and a Master�s in German and Comparative Linguistics from the University of Yaound� in Cameroon. He also holds a PhD in Linguistics/Foreign/Second Language Pedagogy and a Habilitation from Saarland University in Germany. Prior to joining CBU in 2006, he taught German, French, Linguistics, Translation, Language Acquisition and Pedagogy and Intercultural/Interpersonal Communication at several universities. He received research grants and fellowships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and the German Academic Exchange Service. His research includes language acquisition and pedagogy, sociolinguistics, language pragmatics, French translation, intercultural/interpersonal communication, speech act realizations, politeness strategies and face work. He�s authored 8 books, over 80 articles and co-edited 4 books and journals in French, English and German.


Second / foreign language acquisition and Pedagogy, Interlanguage Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Language contact, Cross-cultural Pragmatics / Intercultural communication, Postcolonial linguistics, Variational Pragmatics, varieties of French, Translation, Linguistic politeness / Interpersonal communication, Academic discourse.