How Do I Donate?

There are many ways to donate to CBU — from writing a cheque to leaving instructions in your will. All donations help our students who are being taught ideas and skills necessary to shape our world in the coming decades. Explore our donation options to discover which option(s) best suits your financial and philanthropic goals.

The University encourages and solicits donations of cash, securities and personal and real property, either by way of gift, endowment or through planned gifts.

Can I make a donation in memory of someone?

Gifts can be made to CBU in memory of someone. These gifts can be directed to the area of greatest need or designated to a particular area or fund. A card indicating a gift has been made to the University is sent to the family of the deceased and the donor receives a tax receipt for their gift.

Can I create a scholarship or bursary in memory of an individual or in recognition of a group?

Some donors choose to establish scholarship or bursary funds in memory of an individual or in recognition of a group. Funds may be raised by one-time gifts from a single donor or from numerous gifts from numerous contributors. They may be set up as annual or endowed awards.

What is the difference between an Annual and Endowment award?

The key difference between an annual award and an endowed award is the funding mechanism and sustainability. Annual awards are funded and administered on a yearly basis, , whereas endowed awards are funded through a permanent endowment, with the investment returns used to fund the award in perpetuity. Endowed awards provide a long-term and sustainable means of recognition, while annual awards require ongoing fundraising efforts to sustain them.

What is an Endowment award?

An endowed is a permanent and sustainable form of recognition or honor that is funded through an endowment. An endowment is a pool of funds that is invested to generate income, and the interest or investment returns are used to fund the award in perpetuity. The principal amount of the endowment is typically preserved and not spent, with only the investment returns being used to fund the award on an ongoing basis. Endowed awards are typically established with a significant initial donation or bequest from a donor, and the investment returns generated from the endowment fund the award on an annual basis. The award may be named after the donor or another designated individual, and the award criteria, eligibility, and selection process are typically established in perpetuity according to the donor’s wishes or the organization’s policies.

If you have any questions about Endowed Awards, please contact the Ricky McCarthy by phone at (902) 574-6144 or by email at

Can I donate gifts of stocks to the University?

Yes, you can donate gifts of stock. For the tax receipt amount, the University’s policy is to use the closing price of the stock on the day it is received in the University’s account.

As of May 2006, if you donate publicly listed securities directly to CBU, you are not required to pay tax on the capital gains, while receiving a tax receipt for the current value of the donated stock.

If you have any questions about donating gifts of stock to CBU, please contact the Helen MacDonald by phone at (902) 563-1271 or by email at

Can I donate gifts in-kind such as land or art?

Yes, contact the Development office and we will be happy to discuss the particulars. Note: donations of Canadian cultural property can be claimed up to 100 per cent of net income and any capital gain arising on the donation of the property is not taxable.

Can I leave a donation in my will?

A planned gift allows you to prepare now for a gift that will make a significant impact to Cape Breton University in the future. These gifts include bequests, retirement funds, stocks & securities, gifts-in-kind and life insurance policies.

If you leave a gift in your will, your estate is entitled to a tax receipt.

If you have any questions about Planned Giving, please contact the Ricky McCarthy by phone at (902) 574-6144 or by email at