Use Of Cannabis On Campus

On October 17, 2018, the recreational use of cannabis became legal in Canada. Cape Breton University is committed to providing a healthy and safe learning and living environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus.

Use of Cannabis on Campus

No smoking or vaping other than two designated areas
No growing in Residence
No use by employees while working

Amendments have been made to the following policies to reflect this new legislation:

Smoke-Free Campus Policy
Residence Agreement
Code of Student Conduct
Substance Use Policy


No. Amendments have been made to existing policies to reflect rules specific to cannabis use.

Students are expected to come to class unimpaired as outlined in guideline 10.6 Code of Student Conduct.

Employees are expected to come to work unimpaired. Under the new Substance Use Policy, employees are not permitted to smoke cannabis during work hours or on campus.

Smoking cannabis is permitted in designated smoking areas as long as it does not violate other policies.

Staff and Faculty members are expected to be unimpaired in their work on campus. Concerns about a staff or faculty member should be directed to Human Resources. Students are expected to attend class unimpaired. Concerns about students should be directed to the Student Affairs.

CBU has a Substance Use Policy for employees which focuses on the safety of individuals when working and outlines specific responsibilities relating to alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal).

Student responsibilities with respect to alcohol and drugs are outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.

Employees who use cannabis for medical purposes should request accommodation through their manager or Human Resources. The method of accommodating an individual’s needs will be determined through consultation with the employee, manager, Human Resources, the union representative, and with recommendations from an appropriate health care provider.

Students who use cannabis for medical purposes can contact the Jennifer Keeping Centre in the Marvin Harvey Building for information and assistance.

No. Although growing four plants for personal use will be legal, there are concerns about safety, fires, the smell and additional use of resources such as electricity and water if it’s allowed to be grown in residences. The University has a responsibility to govern what is allowed on campus, including in residences. Please review the Residence Agreement.

When not in use, cannabis products (including dried cannabis, as well as edibles (once legal) on campus must be stored in sealed, scent-proof containers.

Yes. As part of CBU’s commitment to harm reduction, education sessions will be held throughout the year. Questions can be directed to Human Resources or Student Affairs.