Reporting at CBU

Disclosure vs Complaint

Disclosure: Disclosure refers to a Survivor/Victim or a witness sharing information about an incident of Sexual Violence. Survivors/Victims and others may disclose to anyone but are encouraged to disclose to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Advocate. A disclosure is different than a Report and does not automatically initiate a formal investigation by CBU.

A Survivor/Victim can still access supports including safety planning and accommodations without having to initiate a formal investigation by CBU.

A person receiving a disclosure from another person can also access support from the SVPRA for assistance without having to breach confidentiality if requested by the Survivor/Victim.

You have the option to disclose anonymously as a Survivor/Victim or as a third party through the reporting link

Report: A formal report is the sharing of information for the purpose of initiating an investigation that could result in disciplinary and/or remedial measures against a member of the CBU Community who is alleged to have engaged in sexual violence.