Waves of Change

Bystander Intervention Program: Creating Campus Responses to Sexual Violence 

The Waves of Change Bystander Intervention (Waves of Change) Program is a peer-facilitated, violence prevention program offered in partnership with universities and colleges across Nova Scotia. 

About the program:

Waves of Change Bystander Intervention Training was designed by the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Association in partnership with various Nova Scotian post-secondary institutions, in order to address sexualized violence on campus. Participants will learn various techniques to intervene either as bystanders or as a community in order to interrupt or stop sexual violence, support survivors, hold those who cause harm accountable for their actions and transform the culture that allows violence to happen. This program draws on participants existing skills, knowledge and creativity in order to facilitate broader strategies for social change. 

Waves of Change is offered in a series of five modules that build on each other. As participants move through the training, their knowledge and understanding are deepened. We are currently offering Module 1. 

The overarching theoretical framework for this training is one that understands sexualized violence as a form of oppression that both creates and reinforces the inequalities of patriarchy, settler-colonialism, racism, heternormativity, cis-normativity, transphobia and ableism. In order to maintain a survivor-centered approach, our work to end sexualized violence on campus must be led by and responsive to these survivors. 

Module 1. Basic bystander: 
This training module introduces participants to the issue of sexualized violence on campus. Participants learn about the law and sexualized violence in Nova Scotia. Participants are introduced to the concept of bystander intervention and taught various intervention techniques. 

This training is free, open to all members of the CBU’s community and snacks will be provided! To register, email Haley Gouthro at cbu19jff@cbu.ca. 

You can follow Waves of Change on Instagram @wavesofchange.ns 

Training Dates:

Tuesday, January 23 – 11:30am-1:00pm in CE261

Wednesday, January 24 – 10:00-11:30am in the Dingwall Boardroom CBUSU

Tuesday, February 27 – 11:30am-1:00pm in the Dingwall Boardroom CBUSU

Tuesday, March 12 – 11:30am-1:00pm in the Dingwall Boardroom

Email Haley Gouthro at cbu19jff@cbu.ca to register.