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Winter 2024 Exam Schedule

The Winter 2024 Exam Schedule is located here.

More information on the exam policy can be found here.

Contact registrar@cbu.ca for additional info regarding exams.  

Examinations will take place from Saturday, April 13, 2024 to Monday, April 22, 2024. The exam make -up date is Tuesday, April 23rdExams occur Monday to Saturday in three-hour blocks of time:

9:00 a.m. – 12:00p.m.

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

In-Person Exams

  • Students must arrive on time and are required to have a valid CBU student ID card that will be scanned in order to gain entry to their in-person exams. Students will not be permitted to write the exam if they are late.
  • If you do not have a CBU student ID card, please follow the instructions below. To avoid lineups, please make sure to get your ID in advance of your exam time.
    • New ID Card: If you do not have a CBU student ID card, please visit the CBU Help Desk in the Marvin Harvey Building, Monday to Friday from 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.
    • Replacement ID Card: There is a $15 charge for a replacement card. You must pay in the Registrar’s Office before requesting a card from the CBU Help Desk. The Registrar’s Office is open Monday to Friday from 9am–4pm.

Official Exam Regulations: For more information on CBU Exam Regulations Click Here!

The following rules are in place for all final exams scheduled by the Registrar’s Office to occur in the Fieldhouse:

Note: Many of these rules and protocols also apply to classroom exams.

  • Invigilators will arrive 1 hour before the scheduled exam time in order to attend a security briefing, to distribute the exam materials, and to give instructors an opportunity to brief other invigilators on any special rules for their own exams, such as allowed and disallowed materials.
  • Students must arrive on time and are required to have a valid CBU student ID card that will be scanned in order to gain entry to their in-person exams.
  • Once a student arrives to desk to write their exam, the student must display their Student ID on the upper left-hand side of the desk.
  • Late Arrival: Students arriving at the examination after the beginning of the scheduled exam time (up to 30 minutes) will be admitted; however, the staff at the door of the Fieldhouse must escort the student to their instructor to minimize distraction to other students. Forgetfulness or inadvertently arriving at the wrong time or place cannot be considered acceptable excuses.
  • The instructor will decide whether:
    • The student will be allowed to write the exam at that time-line
    • The student and instructor will meet after the exam is over to discuss what will happen.

Note: Students will not be admitted to the Examination Room thirty minutes after the beginning of the examination. Students will not be permitted to leave the examination within the first 30 minutes.

  • Students are not permitted to bring electronic devices, including cell phones and  Smart watches to the seating area. These items should be placed in an envelope, provided by the University, for students to place under the seat of their desk. Students found in possession of unauthorized aids may be subject to disciplinary action. All materials or equipment are subject to inspection.
  • As stated in the general principles for exam security, the instructor makes final decisions about what materials and aids are allowed in the exam. For example, an instructor may opt to allow students to have calculators during the exam. However, under no circumstances will devices able to access the internet (such as computers and smart phones) be allowed during exams in the Fieldhouse. If an instructor wishes to allow access to such devices during an exam then they should hold their exam outside the Fieldhouse.
  • Students may not leave their seats during an examination except with the consent of the invigilator.
  • To ensure exam integrity: All caps, hats, large hooded sweatshirts/bulky with pockets and jackets should be placed on the back of the student’s chair or hung on the provided hangers.
  • Students are advised not to bring valuables to the examination room. (The university is not responsible for valuables brought into any of the locations where examinations are written.)
  • Drinks brought into the Fieldhouse must not produce danger of spilling. Drinks must be in water bottles or similar unlabelled closed containers. No food may be brought into the Fieldhouse during exams. See the General Principles Regarding Exam Integrity and Security for recommendations on how to handle students needing accommodation with regards to eating during the exam.
  • Students must leave the exam environment upon completion of the exam.
  • Talking or any other form of communication between students is absolutely forbidden. If students have a question, they may raise their hand and it will be addressed.

Note: The first time a student is caught talking or being disruptive during exam with another student will be moved to the front row of the exam area, the second time they are caught talking they will be removed from the exam.

  • Students should report possible instances of cheating to the invigilator. If there are other complaints, students should communicate their concerns to the professor or exam coordinator within 24 hours of the conclusion of the exam.
  • Students may request a washroom break or report illness by raising their hand to the invigilator and are expected to sign in and out for this request.
  • All exam materials will be distributed before the start of the exam.
  • Children are not permitted in exam area.
  • Where a student does not have a student ID card, reasonable accommodation will be made to allow them to demonstrate their identity with some other official photo ID. Ultimately the principle to be followed is that the instructor must be reasonably confident of the identity of the student.
  • Students are expected to write their examinations in an honest and straightforward manner. Where there are reasonable grounds for believing a violation of exam protocol has occurred, the student will be subject to the disciplinary procedures and sanctions according to the academic calendar.
  • Only currently registered students will be permitted to write the final exam.
  • If a crisis/illness occurs during an examination that prevents a student from continuing with the exam, the student must report to the course instructor/invigilator (or equivalent), hand in the unfinished exam and request the exam be cancelled. Students will be required to provide supporting documentation confirming the illness/crisis experienced during the examination. This should be provided to the faculty within 48 hours. Student will need to make alternate arrangements with their faculty to reschedule the exam. Depending on the crisis medical assistance may be required and Campus Security and/or 911 might need to be called.

Note: Exams that are planned to be less than 3 hours are not suitable for the Fieldhouse as large numbers of students leaving in the middle of the exam session cause a disruption for other classes. If possible, exams that are planned to take less than 3 hours should be scheduled in another location. Exceptions can be made for large classes, but in this case, measures must be taken to have the class leave in an orderly and quiet fashion.

 Online Exams

Online exam platforms will differ based on each course. Students should reach out to their professor to discuss what platform they will be expected to use for their upcoming online exam to ensure they are fully prepared.

Supplementary Examinations 

Supplemental exams are governed by all other policies and procedures found elsewhere in this document with the exception of scheduling since supplemental exams normally occur after the end of the semester during which the course occurred and so they must be scheduled differently from other exams.

Departments shall establish a policy on whether or not they will permit supplemental exams and this will be included on the course outline.  The department shall inform the Registrar’s Office of their policy for planning purposes.  Departmental policy may include the right of individual course instructors to decide whether supplemental exams are available in their own courses.  Departments  are free to make separate decisions about lab or other practical exams.

An exam rewritten on the basis of extenuating circumstances is not considered a supplemental, and therefore not limited to a bare pass.

Where a departmental policy and/or instructor is allowing supplemental exams, they will only be made under the following circumstances:

  • The student has failed the course
  • There are not extenuating circumstances which would justify an exam under the Extraordinary Circumstances section, above.
  • The student must be in both good academic standing and good financial standing
  • The student must have achieved a minimum mark in the course of 10% less than the passing grade in the student’s program.

Scheduling of all supplemental exams shall be handled through the Registrar. Students must apply to write supplemental exams by submitting the appropriate form to the Registrar.  The application must be submitted within the first 5 class days of the semester following the completion of the course.  The supplemental exam shall occur within the first 10 class days of the semester following the completion of the course. Submitting an application doesn’t guarantee the student will be eligible to write a supplemental. All supplemental exams must be approved by a faculty member and/or academic school.

Deferred Examinations

Students should notify their instructor(s) immediately if they must miss an examination due to a medical or other serious reason. Upon request, the dean of the school and the instructor may approve a deferred examination.

Postponement of Examinations

If a final examination scheduled by the Registrar cannot be held at the scheduled time because of inclement weather or other circumstances, other examinations will be written as scheduled and the postponed examinations will be rescheduled by the Registrar’s Office for the first available day after the completion of the examination schedule.

Midterm exams and other exams which were scheduled without the involvement of the Registrar will be rescheduled via consultation between the instructor and the students if they cannot be written at the original planned time because of inclement weather or other reasons.

Extraordinary Circumstances 

This refers to emergency situations where it was not possible to make arrangements prior to the exam and so a new date is arranged.  It applies to emergencies which prevented the student from attending the exam, or which arose during the writing of the exam.  It also applies to situations in which a student has written the exam but subsequently claims that there were extenuating circumstances such that they should not have written the exam.  In such a case the student may request an opportunity to retake the exam.

Academic Appeals

More information on how to appeal a final grade