Residence & Dining Fees

Residence Accommodation – September 2020 to April 2021

Cape Breton University offers five types of residence accommodations to students. The following financial guidelines apply to residence operations.

Application Fee $25.00 Non refundable for 1st time residence students, this fee must be paid for residence consideration.
Confirmation Fee $700.00 Non refundable except in those cases where acceptance to CBU is not granted. Fee is due once an offer of residence has been received by a student. For returning residence students, fee is due by end of May.


Single Room $3,015.00
Double Room $2,195.00
Apartment Style $3,165.00
Semi-Private $3,285.00
Private Room $3,660.00

Residence Withdrawal Policy

A residence student who wishes to withdraw from residence must do so officially by notifying the Residence Manager in writing. A student who withdraws from residence will remain financially responsible for the remainder of the semester, unless they are simultaneously withdrawing from all courses for the remainder of the academic year. Students who officially withdraw from residence and all CBU courses are charged room fees on a proportional basis, calculated in weekly units (based on 16 weeks), in addition to a minimum charge of $250.00 regardless of date of withdrawal.

Meal Plans

5 Day Meal Plan $2,442.00
7 Day Meal Plan $2,536.00
Apartment Residence Students $400.00

Meal plans are mandatory for all residence students.

Residence Meal Plan Refund Policy

Please note that the meal plan for students living in apartments is non-refundable. The 5 and 7 day meal plans are refunded on a weekly basis. Please contact the residence manager if you are moving out of residence and wish to cancel your meal plan.