CBU Course Evaluations

Course evaluations at CBU are administered as per faculty request, meaning some courses are evaluated online and some in the classroom. They typically take place during the last three weeks of classes, with the evaluation window closing on the last day of classes. Instructors do not see the results of the evaluations until after students’ grades are released.

Each term, students should check to see if they have online evaluations to complete. To do so, log into your online account by clicking on the following link.


There is a menu option within your online access under the “Academic” heading that will take you to your course evaluations.

Click on the “Course Evaluation” option. If you have any courses that are being evaluated online, they will appear on the screen. 



To complete an evaluation, simply click the “Evaluate” button.  It will take you approximately five minutes to do so.



Thank you for taking the time to complete your evaluations both in the classroom and online. Your input is important to faculty as they continue to improve upon their teaching.  As well, your participation informs university decision making, ensuring we continue to offer a high quality education to our students.