Course Evaluations

Course Evaluation

Course evaluations are conducted online each term for course sections with enrolments of five or more students. The Course Evaluation software can be accessed at any time.


Course Evaluation FAQ for Students

When new course evaluations are launched, students receive an email from the Vice-President Academic and Provost ( inviting them to participate. This email contains a direct link to the evaluations. Open evaluation tasks are also available by visiting

Each evaluation should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and includes questions about the course, teaching-specific questions, and the opportunity for open-ended comments.

All responses from students are completely confidential, with faculty unable to determine how any one student responded to the questions. Faculty members receive aggregate results only after the grade submission deadline for the term.

Students are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes at the end of each course to reflect on the learning experience. Student input gathered through evaluations provides important information to instructors looking to grow and evolve in their teaching. Also, course evaluation results are used in consideration of promotion and tenure of faculty members. Finally, evaluations inform departments when they are making future teaching assignment decisions.

Course Evaluation FAQ for Faculty

One week prior to the launch of evaluations, course instructors will receive an email inviting them to add up to three personalized questions for each course they teach. This can be done by choosing from a small bank of questions provided by the TLEC or by creating new questions. Both Likert scale and open-ended questions are accepted.

Question Personalization can be accessed directly from the email received or by visiting

During the evaluation window, those teaching courses can keep track of their evaluation response rates by clicking on the “Subject Management” button at the top of More specific information on response rates is found in the left-hand menu.

Faculty promotion of the evaluations is an effective means of increasing response rates. If time allows, providing students the opportunity to complete evaluations in class is encouraged.

After the grade submission deadline each term, reports are made available on each individual instructor’s course evaluation at Reports can be downloaded in pdf format from this page.

For those who teach regularly, a term-over-term dashboard is accessible through the left-hand menu on the home page. This allows faculty members to track their results over time.