Major Scholarship Recipients

Meet some of CBU's major scholarship recipients

“I chose CBU because of its reputation for strong, faculty-student relations. I am so excited to meet new people and to begin my journey in the fall!” – Kameron Power

“I chose CBU because of the amazing community. I feel like I already have a great family waiting to support me when I go to CBU in the fall, and I can’t wait to make great friends and amazing memories!” – Mya Trimm

“I chose to study at CBU to receive a quality education, while having the benefits of being able to be close to home. I am looking forward to what my future at CBU has in store for me.” – Parker Crosby

“Choosing CBU was an easy decision! Not only will it open doors to various opportunities, but it will give me access to a superb education. I am thrilled to meet new people, get involved, and start a new chapter of my life at CBU.” – Julie Mollon

“I chose CBU because of its welcoming community, and its location is so close to home. As an indigenous person, I value the respect CBU has for Unama’ki and how they incorporate my culture into the classes and environment.” – Jamey Toney-Gagne

“I chose CBU because it is a local campus with a diverse culture. I’m excited to take this next step in my life, and I look forward to learning and growing more at CBU.” – Anna Fenton

“I chose CBU because of the positive experiences I’ve had during visits to the campus over the years. I’ve heard great things about CBU’s science program, and I am looking forward to starting my studies in the fall!” – Ava Graham