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General Requirements for High School Graduates

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  • 4 additional grade 12 academic or advanced level courses

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Transfer Student Requirements

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Take History Into The Future

The history along the ancient east coast of Canada is rich and rewarding for those who dive into the legend and lore. That’s why we’re so proud to not only teach history – but to make it. With students studying here from more than 40 countries around the globe, the historical and cultural knowledge base is wonderfully vast and incredibly diverse.

Home to faculty who are award-winning teachers and cutting-edge researchers, the history program at CBU offers a unique perspective on this intriguing field of study. Our approachable and experienced faculty facilitate the study of history by teaching students to think about the past and the present in equal parts. Historians analyze the causes and consequences of change over time, yet the study of history also takes the present into account – seeking to expand our knowledge of our own experiences through a deeper understanding of the past.

Sample Courses and Resources

Why study at CBU?

From the cornerstones of our historic culture, students will learn how life is forged into the future by an interwoven series of past events.

Thought-provoking material and a diverse course selection are offered through unique courses that provide a variety of ways to study and a range of experiences in and out of the classroom.

Enjoy a more personal post-secondary education experience with accessible and experienced faculty, and ample opportunities to work as a research assistant conducting original, independent research throughout your degree.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding of history

Possible Career Paths

  • Law
  • Public history
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Heritage preservation & promotion
  • Archival work

CBU’s History Community

Want to connect with the History community here at CBU?

Join our official Facebook Group, moderated by Professor Scott Moir. Generally interested in history? Check out the official Facebook Group for the CBU Historical Society– current and former CBU students of all disciplines welcome! Get in touch at cbuhistoricalsociety@gmail.com.


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