Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Snapshot

Study Diverse Perspectives, Ideas And Traditions

Plot a course from here that can take you anywhere you want to go. With a BA from CBU, you’ll have an exciting, contemporary and challenging opportunity to learn about the world around you. By gaining the knowledge, leadership skills and critical thinking required to succeed in the real world, students adapt a cross-cultural perspective that’s truly unique to Cape Breton University.

Here, we help you find the right skills to provide the solutions every industry needs. That’s why our graduates are so sought after by prospective employers. At CBU, you gain important, transferable skills in a distinct, natural environment that inspires your learning and stimulates your senses. Take the time you need to clear your head along our rugged coastlines and focus on your personal growth.

Our BA program encompasses the study of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Students come to CBU to explore human inquiry and activity from a wide variety of vantage points and specializations. By being engaged both locally and globally, a solid foundation is set to build a lasting, successful career.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Critical thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Knowledge of cross-cultural perspectives
  • Aesthetic appreciation

Why study at CBU?

At CBU, it’s as rewarding to study here as it is to live here. That’s why we provide opportunities for specific place-based learning experiences on Cape Breton Island. We also offer distinct programs that connect to the island’s heritage and culture, including courses in traditional music and folklore.

Inside and outside our modern facilities, our faculty offer a friendly, approachable teaching style that goes a long way in providing you with an edge in the real world. Our collaborative teaching philosophy means many faculty contribute to different disciplines and programs. This interdisciplinary approach provides students with various perspectives to learn from in a personalized learning environment.

Another distinct aspect of the BA at Cape Breton University is the focus on local culture on the island, with a special emphasis on Mi’kmaq/L’nu language, culture, history and law.

Possible Career Paths

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers/professors (CBU BA graduates have been accepted to graduate programs in CAN, US and UK)
  • Lawyers
  • Human resources and public administration
  • Public relations

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Co-op program
  • Internship opportunities
  • Exchange programs

Faculty & Staff

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