Strategic Enrolment Management Plan

Message from the President and Vice-President, Academic and Provost.

Cape Breton University’s (CBU) first strategic enrolment management (SEM) plan sets specific objectives designed to stabilize our growth over the next five years and guide the university toward academically responsible and financially sustainable enrolment, long into the future. Most importantly, it recommends six broad strategies that together strengthen CBU’s commitment to student success aligned with the priorities outlined in CBU’s 2020-2025 Academic Plan.

The SEM Plan was borne out of extensive consultation and provides a framework for facilitating slow but steady culture change within CBU, gradually embedding SEM principles in all that we do. So, every time we make a work decision using our distinctive expertise, experience, and authority, we follow SEM best practices and enhance collaboration and communication across the university and within the community. In doing so, the experience of students – the heart and soul of a university – will be enhanced throughout their entire CBU lifecycle. The task at hand will not be easy and will require the collective efforts of many. However, the true benefits of purposeful SEM planning – creating the ideal environment for student success – must outweigh any resistance to innovation and development.

In addition to education, all Canadian universities play a variety of roles in their respective communities. CBU’s mandate contains a special commitment to the social, cultural, and economic sustainability and revitalization of Cape Breton Island, making our university distinctly different. Managing healthy growth is a task that we must perform inside the university and, working closely with our external partners, outside the university too. As we embark on this implementation phase, we do so with unwavering commitment to our mission and confidence in our vision. Together, we will transform our campus and community while creating meaningful experiences for our students.

Yours very truly,

David C. Dingwall

President & Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Richard MacKinnon

Vice-President, Academic & Provost

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