Income Tax Information

2023 Income Tax Forms

Cape Breton University will soon make available the slips you need to file your 2023 income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These slips reflect the costs and credits for the study period of January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. You may receive one, or both, of the following:

  1.  The T2202, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate, is an official tax form that includes your eligible tuition and fees paid, as well as the number of months you were enrolled, for courses occurring in the 2023 calendar year. It is issued to all students who have paid tuition and fees for qualifying courses in the 2023 Winter, 2023Spring/Summer or 2023 Fall semesters. NOT all fees are included. The T2202 includes eligible fees that are paid, not the amount that was charged. Students will not receive a T2202 for outstanding fees. After subsequent payment an amended slip can be requested. If you paid fees in 2023 for courses that will take place in 2024, those fees will be reflected on your 2024 tax form that you will receive in 2025. If your studies began in January 2024, you will not receive a T2202 for 2023.
  2. The T4A is an official tax form that includes grants, scholarships, awards, and certain other miscellaneous amounts received from the university. A T4A will be provided to you if you received $500 or more from a combination of these sources in the 2023 Calendar year:
    • Scholarships, bursaries, or awards (including Athletic AFAs and residence Honorariums)
    • Tuition waiver credits including dependant waiver and senior waivers
    • The Nova Scotia University Student Bursary: this bursary is provided to Nova Scotia students who study in the province (it is reflected on your student self serve account if you received it)

The printable versions of the T2202 and T4A available through Self-Service in your Compass Student Account. These are your official receipts.

Access Your Forms

To access these forms from your Compass Student Account:

  1. Visit Student Self Serve at
  2. Login using your CBU email address and password
  3. Select “Tax Information”
  4. Select “T4A Information”, check the button indicating “Receive my T4A only in electronic format”, and “Save” your selection
  5. Download the PDF version of the T4A and print a copy for your tax preparer
  6. Select “T2202A Information”
  7. Download the PDF version of the T2202 and print a copy for your tax preparer

NOTE – not all students will receive a T4A, ONLY those students who received financial benefits as outlined above.