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Regular Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday | 10:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday by appointment  for group bookings

Upcoming Exhibition

Each year, the Cape Breton University Art Gallery invites artists of all ages and levels of experience to participate in a non-juried community exhibition to celebrate community creativity. We look forward to see returning esteemed artists’ work and welcome new talent.

Drawing from the concept of the late seventeenth-century Paris Salon, ProletariArt adopts the presentation style of exhibiting artwork floor-to-ceiling. While the original Paris Salon was largely conservative and exclusive to the members of the Art Academy, ProletariArt is open to everyone and celebrates amateur, folk, experimental, and avant-garde art in addition to more traditional art forms.

If you’re interested in showcasing your work at Proletariart, please review the submission guidelines.
You may download the submission form as a PDF or pick it up at the CBU Art Gallery.

Current Exhibition

Learn more about the ArtSci events and programming taking place on the Avatars of Human Creativity: Exploring the ArtSci Connect page.

The Permanent Collection is now online!

To find the CBU Art Gallery Permanent Collection online click here:

Volunteering Opportunity

Are you thinking about volunteer opportunities for the new school year? The CBU Art Gallery offers a great opportunity for students to get involved with the arts here in Cape Breton! Creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and helping with exhibitions and events are all things you could be doing to help out our local art gallery. For more information on volunteering in the gallery contact our general inquiries email 

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Banner image credit: Lucky, David P. Stephens (2003) from the True Grit exhibition Summer 2013 (photo taken by: John Mathews)

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