CBU Digital Yearbooks

In celebration of Cape Breton University’s 50th Anniversary, the Beaton Institute and Library present the digitized collection of Yearbooks dating as far back as 1955-56. This initiative aims to preserve and share the remarkable history of Cape Breton University and its preceding institutions.

While our goal is to create a comprehensive digital archive, there are gaps in our collection. If you cannot find what you’re seeking or have access to a yearbook not found on our site, we encourage you to reach out to the CBU Alumni and Development Department at alumni@cbu.ca.

The yearbooks are products of their time of creation, and as such may include language, information, terms or images that are offensive, insensitive, or may reflect attitudes, biases and/or provoke past trauma.

Our Campus Community continues to work on embracing cultural evolution, growth, reconciliation and redemption. We are committed to addressing your concerns appropriately as they arise.

We welcome feedback, comments, concerns or questions and can be reached at beaton@cbu.ca.

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