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At Cape Breton University, the scientific discoveries are endless. The Bachelor of Science program is for those who are curious about the world around them and want to be part of its progress. A program with flexible timelines, a unique structure, and diverse course options, it is designed to prepare students for careers in physiotherapy, dentistry, clinical psychology or medical school.

Program Start Dates:
September (Fall)
January (Winter)
May (Spring/Summer)
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Estimated Tuition & Fees:
$8,500 (Nova Scotian Resident)
$9,800 (Canadian Resident)
$19,600 (International)
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Program Overview

Upon completing this program, you’ll walk away with:

  1. Universal Skills. From biology to psychology, you’ll earn noteworthy business skills that position you for successful entry into the job market.
  2. Career Opportunities. Understand the day-to-day functions and roles that operate within a multitude of environments and industries.
  3. Co-op Experience. Take the hands-on approach and apply your knowledge to real workplace experiences in the community.

Course Details

Ignite your passion for science.

BIOL-1101 Cell & Molecular Biology I

This course introduces students to biology from the cellular and molecular perspectives. Major topics include cells as the basic units of life, evolution and variety of cells, macromolecules and organelles in cells, energy conversion in cells, cell reproduction and an introduction to DNA. This course has a required lab component.

PSYC-1103 Introduction to Psychology: A Human Science
Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes and how they are affected by physical states, mental states and the external environment. The course surveys theories and methods in psychology used to study thinking and intelligence, motivation, emotion, development, personality, social psychology, social psychology, psychopathology, psychological therapy, stress, coping and health.
CHEM-1104 General Chemistry I
This course provides an introduction of the properties of matter and their correlation with modern theoretical principles of chemistry. Topics include: atoms, molecules, and ions; formulas and equations; the Periodic Table; electronic structure of atoms; chemical bonding, and gases and change of state. This course has a required lab component.

Hear From One of Our Students

Who You’ll Learn From

The Bachelor of Science program is guided by Cape Breton University’s School of Science & Technology faculty, as well as industry experts who share a wealth of work experience, in-depth knowledge and career insights.

Geraldine Carlin, Lecturer, Psychology

Geraldine Carlin is a Lecturer of Psychology. She began her post-secondary education at CBU (then UCCB) in the fall of 1983 then continued her studies at St. F.X. and graduated with a BSc. in 1987 and an M.A. in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Guelph in 1992. Geraldine has been a lecturer at CBU since 1993 and has taught courses in Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Community Psychology and is currently developing a course in Sensation and Perception. Geraldine’s area of interest is mental health and she is currently the co-chair of the Mental Health Advocacy Committee at CBU.

Allen Britten, Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Allen Britten is a Professor of Chemistry and former Dean of Science & Technology. He received his PhD from the University of Waterloo and served as Director of R&D for Antek Instruments, Houston, TX before joining CBU. He is the CBU Representative to the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and serves as Academic Advisor to CBU Athletics. Dr. Britten’s primary research focus is in analytical chemistry. His recent work is related to the development and application isomer-specific nano-stationary phases for GC; methodology for environmental analyses including soil and water analyses for southern India; development and characterisation of bio-oils; and the study of CuO nanostructures for energy storage.

Denise Forgeron, Lab Instructor, Senior Biology

Denise Forgeron is a Senior Biology Laboratory Instructor who teaches about cells, tissues, and organisms in Introductory Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Genetics, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology labs. Denise earned a B.Sc at Saint Francis Xavier University, a B.Ed (Science) at Saint Mary’s University, a BA (Psychology) at UCCB (now CBU) and a M.Ed at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Denise is a member of ABLE (The Association of Biology Laboratory Educators) and is honoured to be CBU’s representative for the United Way of Cape Breton, and to be the Chair of the Biology Awards Committee.

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Like many institutions, CBU recognizes education completed at other post-secondary institutions. Students who have been successfully admitted to CBU and who already have some education behind them can apply for transfer credit.

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