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Help contribute to a future we can all be proud of with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment (BASE). CBU’s first fully interdisciplinary degree, the BASE program takes advantage of the natural resources available among the breathtaking scenery on Cape Breton Island. The BASE program reflects a university-wide commitment to teaching and research in environment and sustainability, and is enriched by Indigenous perspectives.

Program Start Dates:
September, January & May
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Estimated Tuition & Fees:
$8,500 (Nova Scotian Resident)
$9,800 (Canadian Resident)
$19,600 (International)
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Program Overview

Upon completing this program, you’ll walk away with:

  1. Universal Skills. With courses in public speaking, communication, and writing, you’ll earn noteworthy skills that position you for successful entry into the job market.
  2. Career Opportunities. Understand the day-to-day functions and roles that operate within a multitude of environments and industries.
  3. Co-op Experience. Take the hands-on approach and apply your knowledge to real workplace experiences in the community.

Course Details

Learn to lead through sustainability.

ENVS-1101 Art & Science of Environmental Studies 

This course introduces students to Environmental Studies as an interdisciplinary field of research and will provide students with a wide-ranging introduction to current issues and practices in Environmental Studies. The emphasis is on exploring how arts and science disciplines approach knowledge, problem solving and communication, and how the approaches of different disciplines can be combined to expand our ways of acquiring and disseminating knowledge.


ENVS-2101 Canadian Environmental Perspectives

This course examines environmental issues specific to Canada, around a central topic each year and include multiple perspectives from different disciplines. This course also addresses the environmental perspectives from First Nations in Canada, from the pre-colonial era to the present.


ENVS-4103 Global Environmental Perspectives 

This course is cross-listed with POLS4103. This course combines seminars and project-based activities to explore environmental issues and environmental actions outside North America. This class will consider nature and environmentalism in the context of globalization, war, aid, and rapid economic development or collapse. Case-studies will be included. Pre-requisites required.

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