CCAC training module on: occupational health and safety

Table of Contents

  1. Occupational Health and Safety in Experimental Animal Facilitiesarrow
  2. Introductionarrow
  3. Physical Hazards Associated With Experimental Animal Care and Usearrow
  4. Basic Animal Behaviour Related to Handling and Manipulationsarrow
  5. Communicating With the Animalarrow
  6. Using Appropriate Restraint Techniquesarrow
  7. Wearing Appropriate Protective Clothingarrow
  8. Identifying Problem Animalsarrow
  9. Immunization of Staffarrow
  10. Animal-Related Injuries, Management and Reportingarrow
  11. Safe Waste Disposal Practices in Animal Facilitiesarrow
  12. Biological Hazards of Working with Experimental Animalsarrow
  13. Exposure Control Plansarrow
  14. Biohazards as Part of Research Programsarrow
  15. Biosafety Guidelines and Levels of Containmentarrow
  16. Allergies to Laboratory Animalsarrow
  17. Chemical Safetyarrow
  18. Reference Materialarrow

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