Start Smart! Day

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First-year university students have a lot of questions and likely some worries: Will the workload be too much? What is the best way to take notes in lectures? How do I approach a professor?

At Cape Breton University, we know that when students come in September for Orientation Week, they are here to have an awesome time, and not to be overwhelmed. That is why we give you an opportunity to get all your questions answered early.

Start Smart! Day is a FREE, informative half-day event jam-packed with info and fun. Our peer success coaches and volunteers welcome students to campus so you are guaranteed to make a new friend, or ten.

Because CBU is focused on sustainability, we ask students to bring reusable water bottles to use throughout the day. When not in a session, students will get to mingle with each other and explore the beautiful CBU campus.

Stay connected as the event draws closer for more details!