Employment Program for Students with Disabilities

This program provides employment opportunities for students registered with the Jennifer Keeping Centre by subsidizing wages with employers in the community.

To apply for-

  • summer employment
  • experiential learning opportunities or
  • part-time work during the school year

please contact jkc_employment@cbu.ca

Work for the JKC

If you have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, there might be a job for you at the Jennifer Keeping Centre. We offer a range of employment opportunities, including positions like:

  • note-taker
  • tutor
  • proctor
  • scribe
  • reader
  • educational assistant
  • educational attendants
  • BEd tutors

How to apply

Please apply at the Jennifer Keeping Centre

Edwenna Campbell
Assistant, Jennifer Keeping Centre

Office: B101

Phone: 902.563.1208

Jacqueline Côté
Student Development Officer – Disability Support

Office: B104

Phone: 902.563.1121

Natalie Bianco
Program Coordinator - CBU Inclusive

Office: B-101

Phone: 902.567.3699

Cyril MacDonald
Employment Specialist for Students with Disabilities

Office: B-104

Eleanor Muggah
Assistant, Jennifer Keeping Centre

Office: B101

Phone: 902.563.1208