Employment Opportunities

Employment Subsidy Program for Persons with Disabilities

Sobey’s Business Development Centre

Lend a hand

If you have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, there might be a job for you at the Jennifer Keeping Centre. We offer a range of employment opportunities, including positions like:

  • note-taker
  • tutor
  • proctor
  • scribe
  • educational assistant
  • educational attendants
  • BEd tutors

How to apply

Simply complete the appropriate application and drop it off at the Jennifer Keeping Centre. If you have the qualifications we’re looking for, we’ll contact you.

 Application forms

Ken Bickerton
Manager of Accessible Learning and Student Transition

Office: B104

Phone: 563.1121

Edwenna Campbell
Assistant, Jennifer Keeping AccessAbility Centre

Office: B101

Phone: 902.563.1208