CBU Inclusive is for students who self identify as having a disability and do not meet the admission criteria set by the university for credit study.

Students would graduate with a certificate of completion in one of the following:

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Education and Health
  • Business
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Overview

  • CBU Inclusive students will choose courses in which they are interested and that will relate to individualized learning goals and to potential employment paths.
  • CBU Inclusive students will receive support to engage in the participatory audit of regular classes, to participate in campus activities, and to engage in social activities with their peers.
  • Support will be facilitated and provided by CBU Inclusive staff, peer mentors, and student volunteers.
  • CBU Inclusive students may attend for approximately four years.
  • Maximum program enrollment in any year is five CBU Inclusive students.
  • Students attend for between 2 and 4 years
  • CBU Inclusive students who complete a minimum of 2 years participation and complete their program according to their personalized plans, will receive a certificate along with a detailed learning transcript.

CBU Inclusive Brochure

Natalie Bianco
Program Coordinator - CBU Inclusive

Office: B-101

Phone: 902.567.3699

Jacqueline Côté
Student Development Officer – Disability Support

Office: B104

Phone: 902.563.1121

Edwenna Campbell
Assistant, Jennifer Keeping Centre

Office: B101

Phone: 902.563.1208