Academic Success Coaching


Why meet with an academic success coach?

Develop new skills: Our academic success coaches will help you learn new skills—like note-taking techniques and time- and stress-management skills.

Ease the transition: Get the guidance you need to easily adjust to university life and familiarize yourself with on-campus resources.

Become a better student: Learn new study techniques and develop an effective study schedule and plan.

Get to know yourself: We’ll help you identify what you do well, and what you can improve on.

Define your goals: Not only will we help you create your personal definition of success, we’ll help you figure out how to achieve it.

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Alyssa MacDonald, Academic Advisor/Success Coach
(902) 563-1815

Holly MacDonald, Academic Advisor/Success Coach

Find us:

The Learning Commons, Room B-105-D and B-105-C

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Faculty, Help your students thrive:

Are you a faculty member? If you think one of your students needs a little guidance to get back on the right track to success, consider referring them for academic success coaching. Contact us for more information.

Alyssa MacDonald
Student Development Officer

Office: B105-D

Phone: 902.563.1815